Friday, October 28, 2011

The Colonial White House

 This could pass as a southern plantation but it was really on the block between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive between 99th and 100th streets. It was referred to as "The Colonial White House", but it was a nickname.  The columns are what sparked the comparison to the executive mansion in Washington DC.

The house lasted until 1910. The property, along with the house, was eventually replaced by 276 and 270 Riverside Drive.

This grainy shot is of the back of the house, the eastern facade, looking from West End Avenue. That appears to be some sort of crop growing in the foreground.  This is one of the properties that lost a chunk of their front lawn. Eminent domain prevailed and Riverside Avenue, renamed Riverside Drive, was cut through by 1880.

This is the house, it is yellow as it is a wooden structure, in a post Civil War map.

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