Friday, August 26, 2011

 This Broadway and 99th looking east. This picture was taken prior to 1933.

 The late 19th century apartment building is gone and so soon shall be the one story structure on the corner. Again this is prior to 1933 and there is probably some activity in the void left by the demolished apartment building.

 The Midtown Theater opens in 1933. It is designed by the firm Boak & Paris who designed the beautiful 315 Riverside Drive on 104th street. It is not a large house, only 480 seats. It is a first run house.

 This is the Midtown Theater of the 1970's. It had been an art house before this.

This is a view of Broadway and 110th street around 1939. There is a downtown 5th Avenue Bus Company double decker heading east. The bus came down Riverside Drive then across 110th street to 5th Avenue. It is now the number 4 bus.

110th Street in the late 19th century was referred to as "Little Coney Island" due to the number of bars and entertainment venues surrounding this intersection. Given it's proximity to what would be the new campus for Columbia University, a new subway that was going to open in the early 20th century sparking development in this neighborhood known as Morningside Heights and as a connector street between Central Park and Riverside Drive and Park, this nice wide street was a likely place for commercial and entertainment development.

This is the Nemo Theater. It was built in the shell of the Lion Music Hall, a large beer garden restaurant. It was a redesign of a space done by none other than Thomas Lamb. There is the man in the hat again.

The Nemo opened in 1919 and was originally a Fox theatre with a seating capacity of just over 900. On May 2, 1926, the Nemo presented the first public demonstration of Fox's new "Movietone" sound system, though the program consisted only of short films. The Nemo closed in 1963 and was converted into a Daitch Shopwell which subsequently became a D'Agastino. The building came down and by 2003 the new building with a new D'Agastino opened.

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